Career TEAM Appoints Chief Technology Officer, Matt Monroe

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Matt Monroe as Chief Technology Officer of Career TEAM. After nearly a decade of dynamic software development experience for state and local governments with Tyler Technologies, Matt is a proven leader in software architecture having led many diverse teams to successful software launches.

As a former teacher, Matt is most excited about joining CTL’s mission drive culture as it aligns with his passion for service and meaningful contributions to his team and the communities impacted by the solutions we provide. Matt and his wife are the proud parents of four children and live in Castle Rock, Colorado. Career TEAM is excited to bring Matt’s technical prowess and strategic vision to drive innovation of our Career EDGE work readiness and case management software solution.

“Matt’s highly relevant professional experience, strong technical leadership and passion for the Career TEAM mission made him an easy choice to help guide our business through the next phase of growth, “ said Aaron Kelley, CEO of Career TEAM. “I am confident Matt will be a big part of our future success and most importantly the impact our teams strive to make every day.”

We’d like to express our sincere appreciation to our prior Chief Technology Officer, David Taiwo, as he transitions to new projects. David played a key role in enhancing our Career EDGE platform.

We’re thrilled to announce the successful launch of the 10th annual GDYT program in Detroit, a partnership we’re proud to be a part of. On the first day alone, GDYT received nearly 1800 applications, powered by Career EDGE, setting the stage for an incredible summer ahead.

Joined by Mayor Mike Duggan, Detroit City Council members, partner organizations, and the city’s talented youth, GDYT’s official kickoff marks a milestone in our commitment to empowering Detroit’s young talent. Since its inception in 2015, GDYT has offered over 70,000 summer employment opportunities, and this year, we’re proud to extend that impact with an additional 8,000 employment opportunities for our youth. 

Here’s to continuing our mission of providing opportunities and shaping the future workforce! 

Career EDGE is excited to announce the launch of our new statewide case management and labor exchange system. Built specifically for WIOA Adult, Dislocated Worker, Youth programs, and more. Career EDGE case management was created to modernize the country’s current workforce software, increase virtual service delivery, improve reporting, and enhance the career seeker, employer and staff experience.


Career EDGE has a common intake application process for multi-program enrollment, and our user interface provides career seekers with a step-by-step easy to follow intake process. Career seekers are able to upload eligibility documents, complete and digitally sign their intake forms. Case managers determine eligibility and enroll career seekers into applicable programs. Workforce staff are able to create individualized employment plans, refer career seekers to partners and eligible training providers, and track participant activities through an intuitive administrator dashboard.

With Career EDGE, states can easily track grants and funding, in order to monitor spending on the participant, case manager, region and program level. Career EDGE’s employer portal allows employers to post open positions, search eligible candidates, and host exclusive hiring events with virtual interview pre-screening. Upon enrollment, career seekers gain access to the Career EDGE work readiness platform, featuring assessments, essential skills modules, industry exploration, professional development training, resume building, and interview simulation training.

They also have access to the labor exchange, where they are matched to their most compatible career positions, track and measure participant outcomes, exits and case closures, and generate federally required PIRL reports, along with other state, local and grant specific reports. Our sophisticated framework allows for data migration from legacy systems, while eliminating paper, spreadsheets and other databases. Career EDGE provides an engine for workforce entities to improve participant and employer engagement, while increasing staff capacity, with the ultimate goal of improving your program’s performance measures. Join the future of workforce, with Career EDGE.


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North Haven, CT – Career TEAM Enterprises, a leading workforce development provider and technology company, today announced a significant leadership transition as its esteemed CEO, Christopher Kuselias, has decided to transition away from his 27-year tenure as CEO. Mr. Kuselias will continue to serve on the company’s board of directors, so that the company can benefit from his ongoing wealth of experience, wisdom, and strategic insights.

During his remarkable tenure, Mr. Kuselias has been instrumental in shaping Career TEAM into the industry leader it is today. Under his visionary leadership, the company has achieved numerous milestones, experienced exponential growth, and fostered a culture of innovation, collaboration, and excellence. His unwavering dedication, strategic insights, and commitment to the well-being of employees have been the driving force behind the company’s success.

The transition in leadership marks yet another positive milestone in the company’s history. The board of directors, in close collaboration with Mr. Kuselias and the management team, will undertake a thorough search for a new CEO who will lead Career TEAM into the future, building upon the strong foundation established under Mr. Kuselias’ stewardship.

“Mr. Kuselias has been an extraordinary leader, guiding Career Team through significant milestones and positioning us as a leader in the workforce development industry,” said Jeff Montagna, President of Career Team. “While we will certainly miss his day-to-day presence, we are thrilled that he will continue to contribute his expertise and insights as a member of the board of directors. We thank Mr. Kuselias for his immeasurable contributions and look forward to his continued guidance in shaping our future endeavors.”

“I have been truly blessed to have led this incredible social impact organization for the past quarter century. In conjunction with a truly amazing team and our emerging technologies, our mission to accelerate the human condition has helped to eradicate poverty, change countless lives and close the opportunity divide. There is so much more to be done and my fellow Board partners and I are committed to guiding the next generation of Career TEAM leadership to enhance our transformative initiatives including our Direct Services offerings and Innovative Career Edge SaaS platform for Workforce Development, Education and Human Services Agencies. Onward!”

During this transition period, the company’s operations will continue uninterrupted, driven by the exceptional team that Mr. Kuselias has assembled and nurtured. The board of directors and management team remain committed to the company’s mission, core values, and the pursuit of excellence.

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About Career TEAM Enterprises

Established in 1996, Career TEAM Enterprises is an exceptional organization driven by a deep social consciousness. We stand at the forefront of leveraging cutting-edge software tools to ignite transformative change within the workforce development industry. By strategically integrating innovative software solutions, such as state-of-the-art job training tools and advanced case management systems, Career TEAM is revolutionizing the operational landscape for workforce development professionals.

Through the implementation of robust online training tools and comprehensive case management systems, Career TEAM empowers workforce development programs and career services departments to efficiently track client progress, seamlessly coordinate services, and deliver unparalleled personalized support. These dynamic software solutions streamline workflows, foster enhanced collaboration among team members, and ensure precise and timely documentation, enabling workforce development professionals to devote their energy towards making a profound impact on the lives of individuals.

Career TEAM’s unwavering dedication to “advancing the human condition” has garnered widespread recognition and acclaim.  Our achievements include:

  • Being named by Inc. Magazine as one of America’s 500 fastest-growing privately held companies;
  • Receiving the prestigious US Chamber of Commerce Blue Chip Enterprise Award for our remarkable innovation;
  • Being featured by esteemed media outlets such as 60 Minutes, CNN, Money Magazine, Inc. Magazine, and the British Broadcasting Network as an innovative, government-funded solutions program, and
  • Earning an invitation to the White House after being hailed as a top 10 US training provider by the National Welfare-to-Work Partnership and the National Alliance of Business.

As we look to the future, Career TEAM remains committed to our legacy of innovation and our steadfast resolve to drive positive change within the workforce development industry. For more information about our transformative initiatives, please visit

Career TEAM, a nationally recognized workforce development leader, announced it has been awarded a new contract as the Pac Mountain Workforce Development Council’s new One-Stop Operator, to begin October 1, 2021. In this contract, Career TEAM will bring its innovative business practices to the Pac Mountain area and is looking forward to playing a part in a high functioning workforce system.

Anthony Terlizzi, Career TEAM’s President of Direct Services, commented, “Career TEAM is thrilled to bring our innovative business practices and community collaboration to the Pac Mountain community.”

Career TEAM, LLC, a leader in workforce development and on-line learning announced that James Hughes has been named Regional Director of Operations. James comes with approximately 10 years of experience in workforce development. In this capacity, James will oversee several projects across the country. He is dedicated to ensuring the success of these projects and contributing to the growth of Career TEAM.

James is a 2010 Graduate of Whitworth University with a Bachelor’s degree in Social Science. He is committed to breaking the chains of poverty and seeing our very important persons (VIP’s) thrive. He is native to the Pacific Northwest and is excited to serve in his community.
Anthony Terlizzi, Career TEAM’s President of Client Services shared, “It’s a great honor to have James serve as Career TEAM’s Regional Director of Operations. In his previous role as Executive Director of Washington, he demonstrated success and acumen with his high priority programs. James is an exceptional leader and will continue to make a difference in the communities he serves.”

Career TEAM, LLC, a leader in workforce development and on-line learning, announced that the organization has been awarded a WIOA Contract in the state of Indiana. Utilizing their Career EDGE platform and their innovative service delivery model, the company will run a variety of mobile sites throughout the state to deliver a blend of in person and virtual services. The goal of operating mobile sites is to provide individualized support and meet our VIPs where they are. Beginning mid-June, Career TEAM will provide training, recruitment,  and other in person and virtual services.

Anthony Terlizzi, President of Direct Services, comments, “I am elated that Career TEAM was selected for this opportunity. Career TEAM specializes in providing a unique blend of high-touch, high-tech services to all of our VIPs. We are dedicated to providing the best experience, all while enhancing the condition of those we serve.”

Career TEAM, a nationally recognized workforce development leader, announced it has been awarded a new contract as CareerSource Central Florida’s new One-Stop Operator, to begin July 1, 2021. Career TEAM, an organization with 25 years of experience, will serve as the coordinator of essential partners in the area with the goal of enhancing relationships that will benefit the community as a whole.

Anthony Terlizzi, Career TEAM’s President of Direct Services, commented, “Career TEAM is thrilled to serve as the One-Stop Operator and looks forward to building valuable relationships in the Central Florida community.”

Washington, DC – Career TEAM, LLC, a leader in workforce development and on-line learning, today announced that Anthony Terlizzi has been named President of its Direct Services Division. In this capacity, Anthony will oversee the entire CareerTEAM project management portfolio with dedicated sites in Texas, Washington, Kentucky, Tennessee, Connecticut, Washington DC, Delaware and others in process. Most recently, Anthony served as the Career TEAM Chief Performance Officer, where he ensured successful outcomes for all projects and awards.

A ten year veteran of the workforce industry, Anthony previously worked in the largest U.S. cities starting as a Project Director, operating and scaling complex innovative workforce programs around the country before being hired by CareerTEAM. He holds a bachelor of science (BS) degree in Finance from The University of South Florida and is a tech thought leader regarding the integration of high touch and hi-tech services for barriered populations; key traits in a COVID and post COVID environment.

Anthony explains, “I am thrilled to be leading Career TEAM’s workforce operations as we continue to pioneer and blend our in-person and virtual service delivery model.  Innovations are needed more than ever in our industry as we come out of the Covid-19 pandemic.  We are very excited to see what the future holds for Workforce Boards and Human Service Agencies”.

Christopher J. Kuselias, CEO & Founder of Career TEAM shared, “Anthony has a passion for accelerating the human condition and his energy is contagious. Funding sources, partner organizations, staff and customers continuously praise his work ethic and dedication to coordinating program design and technology to assist individuals and families reach their full potential. He has a unique ability to cultivate new talent from other industries and integrate their experiences into our industry. He is indeed a person of significance in the workforce industry…” 


To contact Anthony:

Cell: 347-306-0180