Robin graduated from Shippensburg University with a MS in Counseling and has worked in various leadership capacities ranging from Behavioral Health to Child Welfare Training. Over her professional career, Robin has established new Workforce Development programs in Memphis, TN; El Paso, TX; Detroit, MI; and Philadelphia, PA. In her former role as Deputy Director, Robin oversaw the First State’s Request for Proposal (RFP) process.

Robin lives by the words, “Family First,” with that in mind, her favorite Core Value is #1 “We are a TEAM with Family Values!” Robin expressed, “The positive past experiences I’ve had with Career TEAM is what drew me to the organization. In Workforce Development it’s easy to see, some companies get it and others just don’t.” Robin is elated to join Career TEAM and work directly with us at this point of her career!

Robin loves working for the advancement of others and is a tireless supporter of helping people achieve their personal goals. She is motivated by her family and her fur baby, Cooper.

With her wealth of experience and strong leadership skills, we’re confident that Robin will play a pivotal role in driving our organization’s mission forward and making a positive impact in the DC community. Her passion for our cause and dedication to excellence make her a perfect fit for our TEAM, and we look forward to achieving great successes together under her guidance.