KP Simmons joined Career TEAM in October 2022, as executive director in Southwest Washington. Prior to joining Career TEAM, Simmons worked in the aerospace industry at The Boeing Company for 12 years in different roles across communications, supply chain, operations and manufacturing. Simmons later moved into the retail industry working at Nike Inc., as director of enterprise strategy and chief of staff to the CEO and founded Kaparah, LLC consultancy in 2022.

Simmons graduated from Marymount University with a Bachelor’s Ddegree in communications in 2014 and from Howard University with an executive MBA in 2017. Simmons is a strong proponent of servant leadership and finds blessing and great joy in being of service to others. In his spare time as an avid pet lover, Simmons enjoys spending time with his dog and other pets, supporting his church ministry and traveling or hiking with friends and teammates around the globe. Simmons is a native of the Washington, DC metropolitan area and resident of the Pacific Northwest for the last two years.