Felipe grew up in the San Fernando Valley area where he fulfilled his dream of graduating from UCLA. He always had a heart to serve and give back to his community which led him to become a teacher at the same elementary school he attended as a child. Felipe then transitioned from teaching to helping families in his community build and protect their wealth. After more than two decades of success in the financial services industry, he has joined our TEAM. His values perfectly align with Career TEAM’s Core Values, as he aims to empower those with the greatest needs and help bridge the income disparity in the Ventura area!

Felipe shared that his favorite Core Value is #1: We are a TEAM with Family Values. Felipe shared, “Family is the most important thing to me and that’s why I’ve always strived to have a good work/life balance. I see that playing out at Career TEAM, from the founding of the company to the everyday operations.”

When asked about his decision to join our TEAM, Felipe responded, “What drew me to Career TEAM is the passion and excitement for what the company does in serving those in our community that are in so much need. Our career is what defines most people and when they don’t have one or have just lost their career many people feel lost. We can change that, we can help people find their way again and even thrive. That’s what I’m looking forward to doing while leading our Ventura TEAM!”