As Chief Technology Officer, David brings over 20 years of extensive background in software development, David lends expertise in software architecture, product management and development, strategy, and implementation.
David is an Entrepreneurial information technology executive delivering revenue increases, cost savings, and organizational competitiveness for Fortune 50-2000 companies. Powerful combination of big-picture thinking, technical expertise, and operational acumen, developing technology products and services in quickly evolving, highly competitive environments.
Prior to Career TEAM, David ran his own software development company and Led cross-functional collaboration in performing from-scratch architecture mapping and platform builds; orchestrated efforts across 100 employees in 3 geographic regions (US, India, and West Africa).  When not working, David can be found hanging out with his wife and 2 lovely girls, and playing golf where he believes he is the next unsigned Tiger Woods.
Favorite Core Value:
#3 – We keep our word. Period.