Career TEAM has produced numerous products over the years to help assist our partners and our own locations perform at the highest levels.

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Intake + Assessments

The Career EDGE process begins by identifying unique personality types, specific industries, and occupations that best fit the assessed professional profile. Based on this feedback, we suggest additional education and/or experience required for success. Our menu of assessments and intake questions are 100% customizable and produce measurable outcomes.

online orientation

Organizations can now convert their orientation into a fun, unique, and engaging ONLINE orientation process that participants can access anytime from a computer or mobile device. Your trainers and staff can communicate a consistent message for all participants and users, resulting in enhanced on-boarding and retention.

25,663 Career EDGE Youth Accounts in DC

95% participation rate

4.5 out of 5 star ratings

18% career competency score improvement

Career TEAM has partnered with the District’s Youth Program in order to serve thousands of their youth. As one of the nation’s most successful youth programs, Career TEAM is excited to offer the Career EDGE modules and tools along side DC’s orientation. Career TEAM has converted their orientation to be mobile friendly so that youth can take it anytime and anywhere! Youth are now more engaged and better prepared for their internships.

Thennie Freeman


Washington DC

Summer Youth Employment

Career EDGE is an essential tool for our youth and their employers.

Job Seeker Modules

The Career EDGE content consists of a series of life skills and professional development modules designed to enhance confidence and improve employability of graduates. Modules can be easily incorporated into student success and career development courses, or integrated into core curriculum throughout the job seeker or student life-cycle. Career EDGE follows a read, listen, watch, apply format. Career EDGE provides all instructor support material for classroom-based instruction including syllabi, lesson plans, PowerPoints, and assessments. For online courses, we provide instructional design support, discussion prompts, and deep LMS integration.

Life Skills + Student Success

Professional Development

Audio Lessons




Professional development toolkit

In addition to multimedia content delivery on our platform, Career EDGE is also equipped with numerous tools to assist all job seekers, regardless of where they are in their professional journey. These easy to use tools can help prepare and build a brand for each participant, always educating them along the way.

Toolkit includes:

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Virtual Interview Simulator

Resume Builder

Goal Tracker



This tracking and time sheet management system (monitor data, documents, time sheets, and employer signatures) is customizable and saves key data and documents to a custom database. This allows partners to be 100% digital, remote, and virtual for all job seekers, staff, and employers.

Kalamazoo, Michigan’s youth program utilizes the Career EDGE Modules and has created a custom summer internship application and timesheet system; a conversion from hard copy paper signatures to fully automated and digital time sheets, reporting, and document/data storage.

Paige Farrell

Project Manager

Youth Opportunities Unlimited

Kalamazoo, MI

The Career EDGE has changed the way we do business for the better. Our ideas became a reality.

Employer portal

Job Seeker, Graduate + Employer Matchmaking

The Employer Portal provides employers with easy to use, proprietary access to program graduates while tracking every search. Candidate resumes/digital profiles can be searched by keyword, location, and/or any specific credentials offered. Employers can post job orders and relevant company information via the candidate facing version of the EDGE portal. Through the administrator dashboard, employers can access employment verification documents.

Lincoln Tech (LTI) employer partners login to a private LTI network and search through approved LTI student and alumni resumes. Note, LTI approves all student resumes before they become searchable by employers. Once approved, employers can search, save, and contact students through their LTI Career Services Advisor. In addition, they can post a position, article, or search through content.

Amber O’Roke

Corporate Recruiter


The Career EDGE Employer Portal is an easy way to find pre-qualified talent