Career TEAM Delaware is excited to partner with EastSide Rising Central Baptist CDC to offer a Networking Cabling Specialist Certification to our Participants, this program will help serve our job seekers and our employers. At Career TEAM we strive to meet our employer needs with in-demand credentials. The training provides state of the art equipment to help participants learn today’s technologies. Students learn real world skills using a hands-on training approach.  Students that complete the course receive industry recognized certifications. After obtaining an in-demand skill set, students are ready to enter or re-enter the workforce.


“Partnering with Career TEAM in Wilmington, Delaware increases our capacity to train and market students in the high demand field of Network Cabling”

Ivey A. Ibrahim, Director
Workforce Development and Employment
Central Baptist Community Development Corporation



More Information about this program:

Trainer: Quron Porter
Student: Cory Thornton
Employers who hire: Comcast, Verizon, Assurance Media (Premise Security, Structured Cabling and Audio Visual) etc…
Credential Received: Network Cabling Specialist-Eastside Rising Network Cabling Training is aligned on the 2014 National Electric Code. C-Tech Associates provides the curriculum and Network Cabling Specialist certification received by trainees.
Funded by: Division of Social Services
Partner: Central Baptist Community Development Corp.-East Side Rising


Introduction to Network Cabling – Copper-based systems version 3.3.1 Course Objectives


Course Description: This course is a hands-on, short-term program that provides the skills and knowledge desired universally by industry professionals for entry-level employment in the telecommunications connectivity field. Graduates will be versed in all phases of installation and maintenance of copper networking systems to include data, voice and video for both commercial and residential applications. Students work with actual cabling and connectivity devices as they terminate, test and troubleshoot copper-based data, voice and video systems as found in Business and Smart Homes. Also covered in the course are commercial and residential cabling standards, cable routing and placement.

Certification: Network Cabling Specialist


Introduction to Network Cabling – Fiber Optic-based systems version 3.3 Course Objectives

TOTAL HOURS: 30 hours

Course Description

This course is a short-term but hands-on program that will provide students with the skills and understanding necessary to land employment positions involving fiber optic connectivity as found in commercial and residential applications. Knowledge gained from this program is highly sought-after by professionals in the industry looking to hire entry-level technicians. Students will learn the theory behind fiber optic transmission systems as well as practice sharpening skills required for effective fiber cable termination and splicing. Other topics touched upon throughout the course are cabling standards, cable routing and placement, and the testing and troubleshooting of fiber optic cabling systems.

Certification: Network Cabling Specialist