CBD College Partnership: Enhancing the Student Experience

Los Angeles, CA December 13, 2016 – Career TEAM, LLC, a nationally recognized workforce development consultant group and CBD College (CBD) today announced plans to bring Workforce Readiness tools and resources into the CBD student experience.

Under this partnership, students will graduate from CBD “interview ready” having completed 10 professional development modules adapted from Career TEAM’s program entitled, Career EDGE. Students will also have access to the Career EDGE Toolkit which includes a custom resume builder, ePortfolio, and simulated online job application.

Per CBD President, Alan Heshel “CBD is committed to providing students with a well-rounded education, including the skills necessary to find and maintain employment. We also recognize how technology and social media have impacted the employment process. Adopting the Career EDGE program demonstrates our continued commitment to understanding the employer market and to the successful placement of our graduates. ”

In addition to the professional development program under development for students, CBD’s placement staff will also have access to the Career TEAM, Employer Engagement Academy. Per Micaela Alpers, President of Career TEAM’s Education Division, “We often find that placement departments are heavily focused on student centric models. The Employer Engagement Academy will help CBD to focus on the needs of its employers and become a long-term meaningful partner to employers in the markets they serve.”