Career TEAM, in partnership with TTASC and Cross Sector Consulting, has released their latest learning modules and resources for their network of Prevention Professionals. These modules include:
Marijuana: Changing the Conversation
Increasing Opioid Awareness and Prevention Video
Vaping Explainer Series

HARTFORD, Connecticut, August 21, 2015- Graduates of Career Edge gather to celebrate completion of Career TEAM’s gainful employment course.

Navigating the job market today is not only a scary place, but a difficult one.Today a job seeker needs an arsenal of expertise in order to land a job opportunity and very recently “soft skills” was added to that list. AlthHartford's Career EDGE Graduationough, soft-skills sounds like a“buzz-word” of the 21st century workplace, it is here to stay.

According the CareerBuilder, the vast majority of employers -77 percent- believe that soft skills (skills associated with one’s personality) are just as important as hard skills (skills that are learned to perform a s
pecific job function and can be measured). Beyond that, sixteen percent of employers said that soft skills were more important than hard skills when qualifying candidates for the job.

Many companies are no longer just assessing candidates who are proficient in a particular job function, but also posses the right soft skills to carry out the job duties and fit in with the culture.  Career Edge curriculum focuses on these soft skills that employers are searching for. It focuses on attitude, professionalism, communication, goal setting and personal branding to prepare job seekers with the soft- skills to receive a job offer.