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Career TEAM, LLC, CEO, Chris Kuselias and Capital Workforce Partners (CWP) CEO, Alex Johnson celebrate the renewal of Career TEAM as a CWP American Job Center Provider. Career TEAM has successfully managed the Business Services Unit in addition to the Online Learning, including the creation of WIOA required credentials.


Career TEAM recently met with Connecticut’s Department of Labor Commissioner Scott D. Jackson and was able to discuss and demo the latest Career TEAM offering – Career EDGE Virtual Reality

With this new technology, job seekers, employers and the general public can begin to experience interview simulations, on the job scenarios, and many other types of training using 360 degree, interactive videos on their cell phones.

Career TEAM is pioneering the introduction and application of Virtual Reality to the workforce world and looks forward to partnering with government and educational institutions.

For more information, or to receive a FREE Virtual Reality headset, like the one in the picture, contact us at: info@careerteam.com


Career TEAM, LLC  (CTL) and Ashworth College today announced a landmark partnership to enhance the focus on employability across the Ashworth student experience.  The agreement involves four core student success and placement related initiatives: Developing a workforce readiness integrated curriculum, an alumni and employer portal, data collection, and finally, access to CTL’s Career EDGE certified coaches.


The Career EDGE retention promoting soft skills curriculum will be introduced in Ashworth’s orientation course, and reinforced throughout the student life-cycle.  Students will complete their programs with tangible tools developed in the Career EDGE Toolkit to support their career search process including a personalized ePortfolio and professional resume.


Upon graduation, resumes and ePortfolios go live on Ashworth’s Employer platform where qualified graduates are searchable by keyword and geography.  To further enhance employment outcomes, CTL will provide coaching for mock interviews, resume development, and building Ashworth’s employer network in the markets they serve.  “This partnership will leverage Career TEAM’s twenty years of workforce development experience to develop an innovative and efficient career services model for Ashworth College,” said Micaela Alpers, President of Career TEAM’s Education Division. 


The platform will also track internship and placement data required by the Distance Education Accrediting Committee. Per Bill Kakish, Chief Academic Officer at Ashworth College “When evaluating potential partners, we found that Career TEAM’s product line addressed multiple institutional initiatives and was the best match to provide meaningful return on investment for Ashworth College and more importantly, for our students.”


Career TEAM Bio


Career TEAM exists to accelerate the human condition.  Since 1996 we have placed & trained over 100,000 job seekers and staff. We provide innovative solutions to complex social challenges such as closing the opportunity divide, reducing unemployment, and eradicating poverty. CTL’s service initiatives include running programs for TANF, American Job Centers, Platform to Employment, and other programs designed to support hard to serve individuals.


In 2012, CTL scaled into higher education with an innovative career development platform entitled, The Career EDGE.  EDGE provides content and tools that enhance the student experience from admission to job placement resulting in increased retention, graduation, and placement rates. Our solutions provide faculty and career services staff with scalable tools that improve professional development and employer partnerships.


Ashworth Bio

Ashworth College is a nationally accredited institution that provides effective, affordable and flexible online career-focused education opportunities. Currently, Ashworth offers more than 125 programs spanning online career certificate, associate degree, bachelor’s degree and master’s degree programs. Offerings are in high-demand fields including healthcare, business, creative services, education and trades. As one of the most responsible models of education, Ashworth College delivers high student ROI: the College has >90 percent student satisfaction rate, and >90 percent of students report achieving their goals upon completing their studies. Additionally, over its nearly 30-year history, Ashworth has graduated more than 300,000 students. The College is committed to providing students with a practical education so they can achieve their education and career goals on their terms.


Charles K Botts III

Age: 38
Company: Career Team LLC
Title: Subject Matter Expert
Town where I live: East Hartford
Town where I work: Hartford
College: Trinity College

What do you do and what are your goals in your current job? I improve the career development resources offered to customers of our region’s American Job Centers through training and program development. I hope to increase the reach and impact of my work for people in career transitions by creating new and innovative career-development resources.
What are your goals for your community involvement? To serve God’s people as I am best able. I make an impact through large-group motivation and behavior change. I hope to use this skillset to make a local, national and global impact in empowering father’s engagement, encouraging young people to develop entrepreneurial thinking and working to end human trafficking.

What’s your biggest passion? Inspirational public speaking has been a passion of mine since the first time I was given the opportunity in church.
What are your future aspirations? To serve God’s people locally as a pastor and regionally as an elected official bringing civility and moderation to public office. I will also serve God’s people nationally and internationally as a motivational speaker and senior associate with our firm.
What needs to happen for Hartford to become a more vibrant city where people work, live and play? Those who commit themselves to serving Hartford must live the ideal of ‘What can I do for Hartford?’ not ‘What can I get from Hartford?’ True servant leadership will both engage the masses and demonstrate true commitment and understanding of the issues. As a whole, we need to discover our voice and define our city as opposed to looking for outsiders for answers. The moment residents, supporters and investors of Hartford come together and embrace our identity is the moment Hartford stops being a cause that needs to be championed and becomes the solution to our region’s challenges.

List four reasons why you deserve to be a 40 Under Forty:
Starting my own social media and brand-development company that has allowed me to influence the experiences of young people in the metro Hartford area.
Rewrote and reworked the job seeker training program “EAGER” for Jobs First Employment Services customers, providing improved assistance with career readiness and employability.
In conjunction with Faith Tabernacle of Manchester, traveled to Guatemala building homes and schools for an orphanage.
Four consecutive years appeared on “Good Morning CT,” the FOX 61 TV show, to assist job seekers by providing expertise on 21st-century, career-success strategies.

Time Tested:
What personal possession in your life has withstood the test of time? Student Bible
What hobby did you develop at a young age that you still enjoy today? Playing video games
Twenty years ago, what did you envision as your future profession? Physical therapist for an NFL franchise
Who do you consider your mentor? Christopher Kuselias, CEO of Career Team LLC

Alexandria, Virginia, May 18th, 2016 – Career TEAM, LLC, a nationally recognized workforce development consultant group and Delta Career Education Corporation today announced plans to implement a new student enhancement initiative resulting in a more intense focus on Workforce Readiness throughout the Delta student life-cycle.

deltaschoolsUnder this new partnership, in year one, 15,000+ Delta students from over 30 campus locations across the nation will complete their curriculum with tangible tools to aid in the career search process. Entitled, “The Career EDGE Success Toolkit,” the process includes access to comprehensive career preparation curriculum, a customized resume builder, simulated online job application, and an interactive e-Portfolio.

Per Delta VP of Product Development, Jason Pfaff, “The Career EDGE program has helped Delta become more operationally efficient and will improve the student experience from enrollment to placement.  The tangible tools generated for each student are benefits that provide a significant return on investment.  In addition, it is critical for us to continue to look at ways to lower costs for our students. Career TEAM’s solution has done just that.”


Delta’s adoption of this new initiative will provide unique career readiness curriculum and professional development tools for Delta’s students throughout their matriculation.  “The number one issue stressed by employers from coast to coast is the lack of soft skills from graduates. Our goal is to infuse the curriculum with retention promoting skills early in the student’s program and allow for professional development to mature over time,” said Micaela Alpers, President of Career TEAM’s Education Division.


Upon graduation, student resumes and ePortfolios filter to a Delta EDGE Employer database powered by Career TEAM. The new database is searchable by keyword and geography. This system aligns with the modern employer approach to talent acquisition, and is a forward step in Delta’s commitment to the successful placement and retention of graduates.
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San Mateo, California May 6, 2016 – Career TEAM, LLC, a nationally recognized workforce development consultant group and Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts (Gurnick) today announced plans to develop a new online professional development community connecting students, alumni, and employers.

Under this partnership, Gurnick students will complete their programs having taken various soft-skill and career development modules adapted from Career TEAM’s program entitled, “Career EDGE”.  Students and alumni will also have access to a customized resume builder, simulated online job application, and an interactive e-Portfolio.


In addition to the Career EDGE curriculum partnership, the platform will also provide a meaningfstudents_of_lvn_nursing_program_at_medical_schoolul space for employers to interface with Gurnick alumni and prospective graduates.  Per Gurnick Chief Operating Officer, Burke Malin,“Our goal is for all students to graduate ‘interview ready’ and seamlessly connect our graduates and alumni with employers in the Gurnick network.”


“This partnership demonstrates Gurnick’s on-going commitment to quality training and positive employment outcomes of graduates. This innovative approach to creating community with the Gurnick employer network will also help them to navigate the new Department of Education requirements for Gainful Employment,” said Micaela Alpers, Career TEAM’s Education President.

Career TEAM Education Division President, Micaela Alpers presenting, “Solving the Placement Puzzle…4 Pillars to Placement Success” at the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools.


Micaela Alpers Presents At ABHES 2016
Micaela Alpers Presents at ABHES 2016


Salt Lake City, Utah April 5, 2016 – Career TEAM, LLC, a nationally recognized workforce development consultant group and The American Campus (TAC) today announced plans to partner in The American Campus Innovation Center initiative to bring Workforce Readiness tools and resources into the TAC student experience.

Under this partnership, TAC students will complete their degrees “interview ready” and with tools to aid in the career search process. This Career TEAM created program entitled, Career EDGE,” includes access to 15 retention promoting modules covering student success strategies and career readiness topics.  Students will also have access to a customized resume builder, simulated online job application, and an interactive e-Portfolio.


Per TAC President, Spalding Jugganaikloo, “The Mission of The American Campus is to prov

ide quality higher education, and prepare our students for employment.  We realize that a strong element of a student’s employability has to do with their confidence, personal branding, and soft skills.  The Career EDGE provides students with real life experience in these areas and will allow their professional development to improve throughout the student life-cycle.”

In addition to the Career EDGE curriculum partnership, Career TEAM is committed to TAC’s vision for developing the next generation of leaders in the region.  As such, Career TEAM Education President, Micaela Alpers, will speak at TAC’s annual summit and facilitate workshops with a focus on developing women in leadership.

March was a busy month at the New Britain Job Center as it hosted 3 companies seeking to hire qualified candidates for various positions in multiple fields.


Helping Others to Succeed visited the Job Center March 2nd, interviewing individuals for Independent Living Skills Trainers, Companions and Personal Care Assistants.


On March 15th, Nickson Industries paid a visit to the Job Center offering opportunities in Material Handling, Packing, Shipping and Machine Operations.  The record amount of candidates in attendance required a second interview session, which was held the next day.


Finally, The ARC of Farmington Valley came by March 22nd as they were excited to speak with candidates looking for employment as Direct Support Professionals in the areas of Day Services, Board of Education, Residential Services and Employment Services.


All who came to these events were interviewed and many were hired.  Hiring events in the month of April are currently being scheduled and participation is highly encouraged, ensuring these future events to be equally successful.