Career TEAM, a nationally recognized workforce development leader, announced it has been awarded a new contract as the Pac Mountain Workforce Development Council’s new One-Stop Operator, to begin October 1, 2021. In this contract, Career TEAM will bring its innovative business practices to the Pac Mountain area and is looking forward to playing a part in a high functioning workforce system.

Anthony Terlizzi, Career TEAM’s President of Direct Services, commented, “Career TEAM is thrilled to bring our innovative business practices and community collaboration to the Pac Mountain community.”

Houston, TX – Career TEAM, LLC, a nation-wide trendsetter in workforce development, announced, today, it has been awarded a new Youth Next Gen contract in the Houston area. To begin October 1, 2021, Career TEAM will provide next generation youth programming with the goal of educating its participants and helping them prepare for their careers. Also, in this endeavor, Career TEAM will operate services for the Gulf Coast Workforce Board.
Anthony Terlizzi, Director of Direct Services, commented, “Career TEAM is thrilled to have our second site in the great state of Texas. We look forward to bringing our innovations and high-performing programming to the Houston area.”

Career TEAM, LLC, a leader in workforce development and on-line learning announced that James Hughes has been named Regional Director of Operations. James comes with approximately 10 years of experience in workforce development. In this capacity, James will oversee several projects across the country. He is dedicated to ensuring the success of these projects and contributing to the growth of Career TEAM.

James is a 2010 Graduate of Whitworth University with a Bachelor’s degree in Social Science. He is committed to breaking the chains of poverty and seeing our very important persons (VIP’s) thrive. He is native to the Pacific Northwest and is excited to serve in his community.
Anthony Terlizzi, Career TEAM’s President of Client Services shared, “It’s a great honor to have James serve as Career TEAM’s Regional Director of Operations. In his previous role as Executive Director of Washington, he demonstrated success and acumen with his high priority programs. James is an exceptional leader and will continue to make a difference in the communities he serves.”

Career TEAM, LLC, a leader in workforce development and on-line learning, announced that the organization has been awarded a WIOA Contract in the state of Indiana. Utilizing their Career EDGE platform and their innovative service delivery model, the company will run a variety of mobile sites throughout the state to deliver a blend of in person and virtual services. The goal of operating mobile sites is to provide individualized support and meet our VIPs where they are. Beginning mid-June, Career TEAM will provide training, recruitment,  and other in person and virtual services.

Anthony Terlizzi, President of Direct Services, comments, “I am elated that Career TEAM was selected for this opportunity. Career TEAM specializes in providing a unique blend of high-touch, high-tech services to all of our VIPs. We are dedicated to providing the best experience, all while enhancing the condition of those we serve.”

Career TEAM, a national workforce development leader, announced that it has been selected by the Rivers East Workforce Development board in North Carolina to become the WIOA Youth provider for their region.   Career Team’s initial term starts in October 2021 and will run through June 2023 with optional renewals based on performance.  The new Career TEAM staff will focus on recruiting, training and placing youth in our service area.

Career TEAM  President of Direct Services, Anthony Terlizzi, commented, “Career Team is excited to bring its innovative Youth program and expertise to North Carolina and continue to enhance the economic development of the local communities we serve.”

Career TEAM, a nationally recognized workforce development leader, announced it has been awarded a new contract as CareerSource Central Florida’s new One-Stop Operator, to begin July 1, 2021. Career TEAM, an organization with 25 years of experience, will serve as the coordinator of essential partners in the area with the goal of enhancing relationships that will benefit the community as a whole.

Anthony Terlizzi, Career TEAM’s President of Direct Services, commented, “Career TEAM is thrilled to serve as the One-Stop Operator and looks forward to building valuable relationships in the Central Florida community.”

Washington, DC – Career TEAM, LLC, a leader in workforce development and on-line learning, today announced that Anthony Terlizzi has been named President of its Direct Services Division. In this capacity, Anthony will oversee the entire CareerTEAM project management portfolio with dedicated sites in Texas, Washington, Kentucky, Tennessee, Connecticut, Washington DC, Delaware and others in process. Most recently, Anthony served as the Career TEAM Chief Performance Officer, where he ensured successful outcomes for all projects and awards.

A ten year veteran of the workforce industry, Anthony previously worked in the largest U.S. cities starting as a Project Director, operating and scaling complex innovative workforce programs around the country before being hired by CareerTEAM. He holds a bachelor of science (BS) degree in Finance from The University of South Florida and is a tech thought leader regarding the integration of high touch and hi-tech services for barriered populations; key traits in a COVID and post COVID environment.

Anthony explains, “I am thrilled to be leading Career TEAM’s workforce operations as we continue to pioneer and blend our in-person and virtual service delivery model.  Innovations are needed more than ever in our industry as we come out of the Covid-19 pandemic.  We are very excited to see what the future holds for Workforce Boards and Human Service Agencies”.

Christopher J. Kuselias, CEO & Founder of Career TEAM shared, “Anthony has a passion for accelerating the human condition and his energy is contagious. Funding sources, partner organizations, staff and customers continuously praise his work ethic and dedication to coordinating program design and technology to assist individuals and families reach their full potential. He has a unique ability to cultivate new talent from other industries and integrate their experiences into our industry. He is indeed a person of significance in the workforce industry…” 


To contact Anthony:

Cell: 347-306-0180


Bowling Green, KY–Career TEAM, LLC, a leader in workforce development and on-line learning, today announced that Dr. Robert Boone has joined the organization as Chief Officer of National Workforce Solutions.

Most recently, Dr. Boone served as President/CEO of the South Central Workforce Development Board and its non-profit enterprise, Employward, Inc.  based in Bowling Green, Kentucky.  Dr. Boone is recognized as an expert in innovative program design and delivery in workforce development; organizational strategic planning and transformation; and the orchestration of technology platforms to create large-scale solutions, resulting in performance-based and customer-centered workforce systems.

Dr. Robert Boone

Prior to regional workforce board service, Dr. Boone served in workforce development leadership capacities in the post-secondary education and private health care sectors in Kentucky and Georgia, respectively. Dr. Boone explains, “Career TEAM is at the forefront of workforce development program management and software solutions to accelerate the human condition.  I am thrilled to join Career TEAM as we move the needle toward a world that is better prepared for the generational changing power of a career.”

Christopher J. Kuselias, CEO & Founder of Career TEAM shared, “we are delighted to have Dr. Boone join our organization and are confident his vision and expertise will enhance our enterprise value during the pandemic and beyond.”

Dr. Boone holds a bachelor of science (BS) degree in psychology (with an emphasis on Industrial/Organizational Psychology) from The University of Georgia; a master of public administration (MPA) in non-profit management and community development from Morehead State University, where he graduated at the top of his class and was recognized as the MSU College of Business and Public Affairs’ 2014 “Outstanding Graduate Student;” and a doctorate in education policy, measurement, and evaluation (EdD) from the University of Kentucky, with dissertation research focusing on work-based learning opportunities (WBLOs) as an impactful mechanism to transmit workplace-specific cultural capital to “first-generation career seekers,” a term he coined based on this research.

Career TEAM, LLC, a nationally recognized workforce development consultant group and MedCerts today announced plans to bring proprietary Career TEAM Workforce Readiness tools and resources into the MedCerts student experience.

Under this partnership, MedCerts students will have 24/7 access to the CareerTEAM an online Career Services management system; entitled the  CareerEDGE.  MedCerts students will graduate “interview ready” having completed mock interviews, resumes and other critical career search activities in the self paced Career EDGE portal.

Per Kelly Hoover, Executive Vice President of Operations for MedCerts, “MedCerts is committed to providing students with a well-rounded education, including the tools and information necessary to conduct an effective job search.  With a growing student population, MedCerts was in search of a platform that would provide students with on demand career services resources while allowing MedCerts to increase student to career services staff ratios.”

Per Micaela Alpers, President of Career TEAM’s Education Division, “MedCerts and Career EDGE share a mission of supporting individuals in achieving their career goals while providing qualified employees to employers in markets we serve. The combination of MedCerts short term training programs and the Career EDGE employment readiness platform will allow us to do just that. In additional to providing a scalable student preparation platform, we have also developed a custom administrative dashboard for career services staff to track student progress and better manage their caseloads to job placement.”

For more information, please contact

Career TEAM, LLC, a nationally recognized workforce development consultancy group and Porter & Chester Institute (PCI/YTI) have partnered to develop a centralized career services model for all PCI/TYI campuses.

Under this partnership, PCI will transition from traditional face to face professional development coaching on the first day of each term to a more robust high touch and high tech approach using the Career TEAM Learning management system called Career EDGE. Per Chris Sheply, PCI/TYI VP of Career Services, “under this new model, we have been able to create one standard of excellence with the curriculum and tools utilized to prepare PCI/TYI students for the workforce. By accessing Career EDGE, we have further been able to leverage our best workshop presenters across the PCI/YTI system by centralizing staff and broadcasting virtual workshops to our network of campuses. This has allowed PCI/YTI to cost effectively increase student to staff ratios and maintain engagement levels in the COVID-19 environment we are navigating.”

Per Micaela Alpers, President of Career TEAM’s Education Division, “We are excited to bring PCI/YTI’s vision for centralized career services to life by leveraging our Career EDGE Learning Management System in a hybrid model of synchronous and asynchronous engagementWhile the pandemic pushed us to develop new remote engagement models, this implementation has also achieved operational efficiencies not bound by campus geography that we hope to replicate with partner institutions across the country.”