2021 is here! …we at Career TEAM are optimistic in our nation and its people. As an industry, we need to share best practices, close the nation’s opportunity divide and educate and empower all individuals and families to reach their full potential. As a mission driven company, we are 100% committed to creating a socially conscious brand that delivers measurable outcomes for job seekers and those who fund, educate or train them. 2020 was a humbling year as myself and other key members of Career TEAM contracted COVID-19 and experienced first hand the fear and debilitating impact of this virus. We all received a wake up call to be healthier, learn remote access, take nothing for granted and treat each other with dignity and respect. We managed those fears, launched our online intercompany plan and focused on the best ways to contribute to individuals and families.


  • Created the new online Career TEAM University and now offers (50) complimentary webinars and workshops for job seekers and career advisors.
  • Refined our award winning Career EDGE software, now helping 400,000+ users in 80+ educational institutions, government agencies and nonprofits navigate their way through new and uncertain labor markets.
  • The Federal government also honored our company by awarding us over $5M+ in Government CARE ACT funds to distribute to job seekers in need of additional coaching or skill gain.


As you know, I believe in transparency, and as your partner am proud to share our key 2021 company objectives. Our theme remains to accelerate the human condition, one person at a time…


1. Become the Number One Rated Workforce Brand for Outcomes & Customer Experience

The pandemic has radically changed the job market, how candidates compete and what employers seek. We are continuously investing in new content and tools to deliver gainful employment. We are 100% committed to creating a connection with our customers, building an EDGE user community and providing documented outcomes. To accomplish this, we want the very best account managers, content authors, instructional designers and programmers. As CEO, I personally spend 33% of my time scouting and recruiting the very best talent in the nation. We want you to always see us as a partner, not a vendor. We aspire to be your adjunct staff, a team of experts to help you navigate through current and future changes. We are also committed to investing heavily in our industry and building awareness of our collective workforce system and education preparation.

2. Launch More “Essential” Software Tools for the New Labor Market

We all need solutions that address pandemic and post pandemic norms. Our team is in the “EDGE Career Lab” investing in new content, tools and assessments that assist job seekers adjust to the emerging hiring processes. We spend considerable time on HR committees and with hiring authorities to understand how their processes will change; and then we create products to coach your candidates. Social media, on-line interviews, critical thinking skills and value creation are in our daily thoughts. We aspire for EDGE to be a cost effective foundational component of EVERY career center in America; to enhance and complement your existing methods. EDGE is a mandated program item in every Career TEAM Direct Service project. We are excited about our new 2021 solutions and can’t wait to share them with you!

3. Offer Cost Effective Solutions That Are Sensitive to Your Budget Restrictions

Blending high touch with hi-tech is a new reality for leaders. Software and technology investments are simply essential to success. Many of our clients were previously confused by integration and skeptical of costly investments. And with good reason! As a result, they often avoided adding software and tried to maintain the status quo. We observe Boards pressuring leaders to be more innovative. We understand that Government & Education budgets are limited and we all need to do more with less. Our goal is to offer cost efficient technologies that fall within your budgetary guidelines; and document proof of concept. In 2021, we now provide services in 45/50 states and are proud of our client retention record, as we have not lost an EDGE software partner in the past 5 years.

Thanks for your confidence and trust in our mission. We foresee a prosperous 2021 for our partnership. We have all been humbled but will emerge stronger and more dedicated to protecting and guiding those who we serve. Work and contribution to a common goal is an essential component for purpose and peace of mind. You have my word that we will continue to invest our time and energies to create smart, cost effective and compassionate resources to support your efforts in the new and ever changing labor market. My cell (203-605-9100) is always on should you wish to share ideas.

To An Amazing 2021,

Chris Kuselias, CEO