Career EDGE is excited to announce the launch of our new statewide case management and labor exchange system. Built specifically for WIOA Adult, Dislocated Worker, Youth programs, and more. Career EDGE case management was created to modernize the country’s current workforce software, increase virtual service delivery, improve reporting, and enhance the career seeker, employer and staff experience.


Career EDGE has a common intake application process for multi-program enrollment, and our user interface provides career seekers with a step-by-step easy to follow intake process. Career seekers are able to upload eligibility documents, complete and digitally sign their intake forms. Case managers determine eligibility and enroll career seekers into applicable programs. Workforce staff are able to create individualized employment plans, refer career seekers to partners and eligible training providers, and track participant activities through an intuitive administrator dashboard.

With Career EDGE, states can easily track grants and funding, in order to monitor spending on the participant, case manager, region and program level. Career EDGE’s employer portal allows employers to post open positions, search eligible candidates, and host exclusive hiring events with virtual interview pre-screening. Upon enrollment, career seekers gain access to the Career EDGE work readiness platform, featuring assessments, essential skills modules, industry exploration, professional development training, resume building, and interview simulation training.

They also have access to the labor exchange, where they are matched to their most compatible career positions, track and measure participant outcomes, exits and case closures, and generate federally required PIRL reports, along with other state, local and grant specific reports. Our sophisticated framework allows for data migration from legacy systems, while eliminating paper, spreadsheets and other databases. Career EDGE provides an engine for workforce entities to improve participant and employer engagement, while increasing staff capacity, with the ultimate goal of improving your program’s performance measures. Join the future of workforce, with Career EDGE.


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