Salt Lake City, Utah April 5, 2016 – Career TEAM, LLC, a nationally recognized workforce development consultant group and The American Campus (TAC) today announced plans to partner in The American Campus Innovation Center initiative to bring Workforce Readiness tools and resources into the TAC student experience.

Under this partnership, TAC students will complete their degrees “interview ready” and with tools to aid in the career search process. This Career TEAM created program entitled, Career EDGE,” includes access to 15 retention promoting modules covering student success strategies and career readiness topics.  Students will also have access to a customized resume builder, simulated online job application, and an interactive e-Portfolio.


Per TAC President, Spalding Jugganaikloo, “The Mission of The American Campus is to prov

ide quality higher education, and prepare our students for employment.  We realize that a strong element of a student’s employability has to do with their confidence, personal branding, and soft skills.  The Career EDGE provides students with real life experience in these areas and will allow their professional development to improve throughout the student life-cycle.”

In addition to the Career EDGE curriculum partnership, Career TEAM is committed to TAC’s vision for developing the next generation of leaders in the region.  As such, Career TEAM Education President, Micaela Alpers, will speak at TAC’s annual summit and facilitate workshops with a focus on developing women in leadership.