We provide innovative solutions to complex social challenges

such as closing the opportunity divide, reducing unemployment, and eradicating poverty.

Project Management – TANF, WIOA, SNAP, YOUTH


Inefficient Welfare To Work (TANF) Programs Are Losing Ground… Limited to Traditional Facility Hours (i.e. 9-5), Cannot Keep Up With Emerging Online Technology & Employer Social Media Based Hiring Requirements; Results in Increased Poverty & Generational Dependency.


The Creation of a Welfare to Work Soft Skills Curriculum to Reduce Dependency on Public Assistance; coupled with learning modules to Empower Staff & Engage More Employers. This New Technology Creates a 24/7 Virtual Coaching Experience for both Client and Staff.
Provide Career Coaching & Employment for 40,000 TANF recipients and counting since 1996

Communities Served: Washington DC, Hartford, Wilmington, Baltimore, Boston, Miami

Professional Development, Career Training, Student Success


Student Loan Default Crisis Reaches $1.2 Trillion, Results in Unemployment & Massive Debt Without Ability to Re-Pay Loans.


The Launch of a Competency Based, Online Learning Management Curriculum to Reduce Student Loan Default. Teaching students and faculty professional development and today’s best job search strategies. Serving proprietary schools, traditional universities and community colleges.

Currently serving students nationwide

Long Term Unemployed


5+ Million Americans & Counting Have Exhausted Allowable Unemployment Benefits; Resulting in a Lost Generation of U.S. Workers deemed “Long Term Unemployed”


Partner with WorkPlace Inc. to Design & Implement a Cognitive Behavior Training Model to Document a Reduction in Long Term Unemployment. Responsible for training and implementing the Career EDGE curriculum.

Served 5,000 recipients and counting since 2012 with a 70% Placement Rate (National Average for Long Term Unemployed is 15%)

Communities Served: State of Connecticut, State of Indiana, State of Rhode Island, San Diego, Chicago, Denver, Las Vegas, Cincinnati, Dallas, Minneapolis, Detroit, Philadelphia, Chester County PA, White Plains, Yonkers, Reno

Learning Management & Applicant Tracking System Development


Many workforce centers are still struggling with outdated or limited technology platforms for learning and data. Platforms that only serve our staff for reporting purposes are no longer sufficient for the employer centric business models that WIOA encourages.


Career TEAM’s online platforms allow for staff to record activities, manage job seekers and access a library of staff training videos. Employers can use our platform to search for the exact job seeker they would like to hire while also learning best hiring practices. Lastly, job seekers will have access to a plethera of learning modules and features. From these tools they will be connected to employers that are interested in their skill set.

Career TEAM LMS & ATS are currently being used in New Haven, CT, Worcester, MA, and American Job Centers in North Central CT

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